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slow to speak



Bjorn Svin & Christian Bloch
'NRSB 5'

Slow to Speak triumphantly returns from their self-imposed hiatus to refurnish the label gears, reignite the promotional engine & proceed forward full-steam with their latest release, a limited one-sided 12”, pressed on 180 gram vinyl w/ Japanese obi and featuring an exclusive sample from the forthcoming second installment of Joe Claussell’s “Trans.late” mix CD compilation series.

As the standard by which records are judged increasingly equivocates to their efficacy in exact replication of an “original sound,” so the withering of the music’s integrity increases along with it. Luckily for us there’s individuals like Christian Bloch & Björn Svin, who’ve determined to sculpt & refine their aesthetic and creative disposition to clear the littered path to the truly unique. “NRSB 5”’s only dictate is to follow the uncharted. Revolving around a determined synth loop, it transforms as it unfolds and reassembles, returning with new determination as it obsessively revisits its own chosen refrain under the skilled hand of the producers’ manipulative shape shifting.  Never static, always moving, dodging it’s own melody to return with the same body beneath a new costume: the rigid, unyielding control remains intact, as each second serves a precise purpose in it’s masterfully assembled, inter-reliant structure: a beautiful whole, completely unified in it’s chaotic infinity. Bloch & Svin seem blissfully unaware of the mediocrity surrounding them, as they’ve created a distinctly peerless record that cannot and will not be deemed just another derivative accident falling under some infantile subgenre’s unwaveringly devoted following of no ones and nothings. Their mirror of comparison is their own work, their concern their own creative development: a truly internal gaze of quiet self-criticism. Follow their example: follow your own example and, as Tote’s father would direct, “be the only one of your kind.”